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We are a 21st century major brand in real estate sector. Founded by Mr Shashi Gupta in 2007, with a vision of achieving a topmost position in real estate industry, the group showcases an ardent experience of 11 years in the real estate sector. Saransh Realtors has established itself as a well trusted real estate consultant in Gurugram.
Our objective has always been to enable our buyers to live in the luxurious yet affordable homes. Our vision is to be India’s leading and most admired Real Estate Company. We as a real estate company develop and deliver a unique and comfortable environment through our high-quality architecture, strong project execution, and our customer-centric approach.
We are known for our research and consultation qualities and our company is growing from strength to strength in India. Our company provides you with the real estate solutions and helps in exploring the field with an eye of investors. We are a group of highly determined and well-experienced professionals who believe in ethical practices because for us temporary is transient and permanent is for the lifetime.


Saransh Realtors is a team of expert craftsmen and skilled professionals who are dedicated to building and renovating your home in a way that flows seamlessly. Saransh Realtors prides itself for emplacing the best team in the industry.

Mr Shashi Gupta( Founder and Managing Director)

Mr Shashi is the founder of the Saransh Realtors, a widely recognized and well-trusted personality of the real estate industry in India.Mr Shashi’s positive attitude and ability to rise above the monotony makes him a powerful personality in the real estate industry.

Mr Ravi Gupta (Financial consultant)

Mr. Ravi
Mr Ravi is a prominent figure of Saransh Realtors with more than ten years of work experience in a couple of multinational companies. He is currently providing his own consultancy in the domain of finance. He believes in executing duties with strict discipline that motivates his colleagues.

Mr Prashant Srivastava (Relationship Manager)

Mr. Prasahant
Mr Prashant has been working with Saransh realtors from last two year. He is a Relationship manager and has an insightful sense of client relationship. He believes in the power of dedication and teamwork to achieve his objectives.

Ms Anju (Admin Head and Customer Relationship Manager)

Ms. Anju
Ms Anju has been working with Saransh Realtors as a Head of Administration for the past two years.She has done her MBA and is an expert in maintainingstrong working relationships to ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

Mr Dhiraj (Business Development Manager)

Mr. Dhiraj
The educational qualification of Mr Dhiraj is BBA and he has been associated with Saransh Realtors from last one year. He has five years of rich experience in the real estate sector. His impressive communication skills add to his repertoire.

Mr Sandeep Goyal

Mr. Sandeep
Mr Sandeep is associated with Saransh from last five years and doing a fantastic job. He has done BA in his graduation. He is passionate and determined towards his goals. His sense of perfection and keen knowledge of the industry has offered him several achievements.

Mr. Ravinder(Business Development Manager)

Mr. Ravinder
Mr Ravinder has been associated with Saransh Realtors from last 6 months. He has a vast knowledge of the real estate industry.

Mr. Krishan

Mr. Kirishna
Mr. Krishan is a real estate expert. He has eight years of experience in this industry and his dedication towards his work is outstanding. He tries every possible way to make customers satisfied.


We have been working in the real estate sector for 11 years andas a company of realtors, we always try our best to make our clients happy with our useful information and our professionalism. We have an inside knowledge of thereal estate industry. Save yourself from the confusing questions and consult us to fulfil your dream of having your own home.


Saransh Realtors have been fortunate enough to get awards and recognition for its hard work and teamwork. These achievements motivate and encourage us to work more sincerely.

Centurions Award
-by Signature Global -2018

Service & Support Award
-by Signature Global -2017

Recognizes Efforts Award
-by ROF -2017

Star Performer of the Year
-by Spire - 2012

-by Spire -2012

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