Middle Class: Need to change the conventional approach

​​​​ Please correct me if the following information is wrong. On 10 January 2008 Sensex was 21000. Today it is 38736. So it’s 5.75 percent returns, which is less than the average inflation for the period. People always give examples which suit their thesis. Even this calculation is also in same league. My point is, like in life while in driving, you can not only look in rear view mirror and drive. 95 percent of time you will have to look in front and only 5 p

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Why Should Investment Only Real Estate Property

Alto vs innova theory 8 altos in 1 innova. 2 altos will earn in a day as much 1 innova. 6 is surplus. So 8 flats of 13 lakh each will earn 100 k per month and becme 208 lakh from 104 lakh in 4 yrs. 1 flat of 104 lakh will be 144 lakh and earn 40k rent.  13 lakh flats not in a single project and bought also over a period of time. Follow Robert kiyoski of rich dad and poor dad fame model. He went in to have 6500 apartments. Cash flow from apartments used to bu

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5 reasons for buying property on Dwarka Expressway

In recent years, the real estate slump has proved to be somewhat a beneficial deal for if not everybody but home buyers at large. Prices of real estate being at consecutive low for a long time, properties of many places have faced a hit and hence subsequent decrease in sales. One such place which was immune to this hit was the real estate market of Gurgaon, the micro-market, even being in the depths of difficulties sustained a fair intent to develop and grow. According to real estate

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Revival of Ipo Market To Boost Realt

A spate of landmark reforms undertaken by the government including RERA, GST,  Liberal FDI Norms, has given a much needed momentum to the fund flows to debt- ridden, cash- starved real estate developers. These reforms have particularly boosted the confidence of global investors and institutional investors who are now more keen to invest in real estate. This is evident from real estate gaining $257 million of FDI in 2017. The reforms have also bridged the trust deficit of property buy

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Make your home ready for the festive season

The festive season is that time of the year when we there are a lot of jovial vibes all around the corner. The energy level in almost every person you see around yourself is high. You will have a lot of guests and visitors in your home, after all, it’s a time of celebrations and celebrations aren’t meant to be done alone. Apart from sweets, celebrations, music, friends, family, relatives, rituals etc., the most important thing that will stick to your mind will be your home. Your h

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Search a suitable property with real estate consultants in Gurgaon

Buyers frequently need to run with a do-it-yourself way to deal with buying property. All things considered, there's a legend following in the real estate industry that the real estate consultants work for the seller. This is a typically misguided judgment and, in undeniable reality, most consultants are similarly as readied and anxious to get deals for a buyer as they are for a seller.    Most deals in the city Gurgaon are restrictive subject to viewpoints, for example,

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5 simple and useful tips for first time home buyers

Everyone knows how tedious and stressful the process of home buying is. Especially if you are a first time home buyer, you may encounter several hurdles and troubles while searching for the house that best suits your needs. While the budget is an important key factor, various another aspects such as location, amenities, security, connectivity etc also can’t be ignored and contribute greatly in selecting the right property. With such numerous factors to keep in mind, one may often ge

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Choose the right floor for you

While buying a home is an important decision, choosing which floor is best for you is another major decision involved in it. Choosing the right floor for a living is as important as deciding the location of the house, there are several pros and cons of the ground floor as well as of the middle floors. Buying a home, especially for the first time home buyers is major financial as well as emotional decision. Along with the financial expenses, there are a lot of emotions, hopes, and dreams

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Tips to save money for a house in one year

Buying a house is a major expense that needs a lot of planning, saving and discussion. It involves a lot of financial expenses and you really need to work for it. While taking a home loan is always an option and one needs to take a home loan to buy a house, you still need to save a major amount for the down payment. Also, the higher the down payment, the lower will be the interest rate on the EMI’s and it will be a smart deal.  So, if you are serious about buying a house

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Planning to buy a home? 5 common mistakes to avoid

Buying a home can be a daunting process. Especially, if you are a first-time homebuyer, things can really get on to your nerves and you may feel completely confused and fed up. In such a case, it is common for the people to make few mistakes that may affect them in a long run. Especially in the case of the first time homebuyer, where people often don’t have enough knowledge and awareness of the ongoing market trends and the complete procedures, they may fall prey to the

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A home is not made of bricks and sand but it is built with your heart and soul, it makes you feel whole. Owning a home is one of the biggest dreams in everyone’s life. It is a sense of financial security for the future and at the same time a symbol of status and achievement. Owning a house is the biggest investment which benefits you in the future. To rent or to buy is the decision that many people tussle with. Renting a home has always been an insecure process. The rent of the home

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Vastu tips paint your home with right colors

Colors surely play an important role in our lives. A world without colors would be like a dead plant. Colors add life to the place. Choosing the right colors for painting your home is a decision which may seem easy and simple but is indeed crucial and must be taken carefully. A home is the most influential place in everyone’s life and its infrastructure, colors, décor etc also hold a huge impact on our lives. According to Vastu Shastra, you must be careful in choosi

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How you can boost the resale value of your apartment

Owning a property is seen as one of the biggest assets these days. People are looking to invest a heavy sum in the property these days and their decisions are proving to be financially smart. The main aim of every property buyer is to increase the resale value of the property over the times. They want t make a profit from it and want to invest in a productive way. Investing in property is often seen as a smart decision for the profit in a long run as we expect the price of the proper

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Haryana to revise its affordable housing policy

The affordable housing policy is one of the major steps taken by the government that seeks to provide the “Housing for all by 2022”. Recently, the Haryana government has been deciding to revise its affordable housing policy which seeks to ascertain the above target.   According to Kavita Jain, the Haryana housing minister, a new housing policy which envisions to provide cheaper housings to the people residing in small urban areas and in the old city boundaries of the

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Your quick guide to home improvement loan

Home is a place where most of our dreams blossom, where we create memories for a lifetime, it is more than just a shelter, it is that significant place on the land that belongs to us and reflects our lifestyle. Therefore, our home is a very dear place to all of us. Keeping it beautiful, tidy, well furnished and upgraded is what we all dream of. However, renovating your home and accommodating some major changes in its infrastructure, furniture, aesthetics etc, may feel heavy on your pocket

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At your aid guide to pay property tax in NCR

Property tax is a charge that a home buyer has to pay every year. The amount of the tax to be paid may vary according to locations. Here we will provide you with a guide to pay the property tax in NCR: Owners have to pay the taxes to the government, which finally goes to the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD). Apart from the location, the rate of the property tax also depends on the area of the plot which is measured in square meters   Ways to calculate the proper

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Areas of concern for the buyer

Investment on real estate is a risk that is born by the buyer, as he puts in all his savings and expects benefits for long-term. Unfortunately, many of the buyers do not take the pain in questioning the dealer about all the legal formalities which leads to regret after buying the property. There are many problems which are faced by the buyers like delay in possession of the property, poor construction quality, incomplete documents etc. One wrong decision of the buyer can lead to huge losses f

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Why Real Estate Consulting Is Good For Both Home Buyers and Developers

It might look easy to invest in real estate. There are various experts to enlist for example a real estate dealer, home-analyst, and also legal counsellors. Also, there are online tutorials available to help you get the best property deal. Whatsoever be available, anything cannot be compared with the services; a real estate will give you. A real estate consultant will have involvement in each part of buying, selling and investing and will have the capacity to help set up everything toget

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Ancestral property a birth-right of any individual

What is an ancestral property? An ancestral property is a self-acquired property that can undoubtedly be claimed by a person if the property belongs to his/her grandfather. According to the Hindu law, it is an essential part of the inheritance of the property by the coming generation. It can be inherited for the coming four generations. The Hindu law states that any individual has the birthright of sharing its ancestral property after the death of its initial legal owner. If the prop

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How owning the property jointly favors a married couple

Owning the property is the dream of many people in today’s time especially for a couple. Had it been some decades ago, owning a property would sound so simple and affordable.   People in those times owned several square feet of land and it doesn’t seem to be a big deal for anyone. However, the time has changed and now owning a property is not that simple due to increased cost, raised tax, and several other barriers.   While making an important decision s

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