Vastu tips paint your home with right colors

Colors surely play an important role in our lives. A world without colors would be like a dead plant. Colors add life to the place.

Choosing the right colors for painting your home is a decision which may seem easy and simple but is indeed crucial and must be taken carefully.

A home is the most influential place in everyone’s life and its infrastructure, colors, décor etc also hold a huge impact on our lives.

According to Vastu Shastra, you must be careful in choosing the colors for your homer and this must be done in accordance with different directions. According to Vastu, a specific direction in the home should be painted with the specific color to magnify and produce positive energies in the house associated with that direction. Sometimes, also, colors are chosen on the basis of the date of birth of the owner of the house.

Specific colors in the room can have a powerful impact on all the inhabitants of the house. They play a key role in inspiring, influencing and creating the illusions in a person’s life.

Make sure you fill those colors right and make your life more bright and colorful with these effective Vastu tips for coloring your home.

In Vastu Shastra, colors are generally chosen on the basis of direction. As every direction is associated with a particular element like water, fire, air or a particular God or Goddesses, it should be painted in accordance with it. Here are few tips to paint different direction walls in your house with specific colors.

The bluecoloris very good for the North-East and East direction. It is also ideal for a bedroom. Blue color denotes tranquility and beauty. It also denotes spring and new beginnings. Painting your bedroom in the hues of blue will bring in positivity, calmness, and tranquility in your life.

The greencoloris seen as a symbol of hope. The north direction of your house should be painted with green color. Green color also is very appropriate for study rooms. Coloring your study room in the hues of green will render a positive atmosphere while offering harmony and peace.

The purplecoloris very good for creating a soothing atmosphere. It is also a color that inspires the trust.

The redcoloris probably the most vibrant colors. It is best suited for the south direction. It symbolizes power and bravery. Therefore, you must be careful while choosing this color for painting your home. You can use red color in the bedrooms as well.

The orangecoloris one of the most positive and vibrant colors it is known for spreading positivity, joy, and happiness.  It is also known for boosting the healthy relationships. Using this color for the walls in the south-east direction can prove to be beneficial.

The yellowcoloris ideal for south direction. It denotes patience and wisdom. Using this color in the prayer rooms is highly recommended.

With these simple yet effective Vastu tips, make sure that you color your home the right way. Colors are vital in our lives and painting your home with best-suited colors can affect your life in the most positive manner. 



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